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Need help choosing a car

MadScientist86 MadScientist86
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Posted: 12/26/13
10:44 PM

Well with the new year coming around I will be finally able to afford another car around 2.5k.  I am basically looking for anything I am just looking for a cheap platform to start with that is fairly reliable and has potential.  I used to have a fiero gt with a stroker kit that blew up, and a 91 celica that I loaned a friend and he wrecked it, then my 91 integra needed to be sold since it was gutted, needed a backseat for my son.
They all were fun to drive, but it must just be me but everyone wants insane amounts of money for their cars now. I live in Charleston SC and the tuning scene is not the best around here but it still is decent.  Only problem is that what used to be cheap tuners are now running 4k stock or 1500 with a bad tranny or blown motor.  I love drifting but to be real I will never be able to get the chance to drift let alone the ability to afford a decent setup.  The local shop ShowZone is not very hospitable so I decided to try it out here.

I love the 80s corollas, and supras, eclipses have tons of potential but I am wondering how bad of a problem is cam-walk or if the base model can be upgraded to a 4g63 without a motor swap.  I like 240s but they are so expensive here, but other than that I have an open mind for any platform, just want to have a nice project to pass down to my son or something I can build to start a small collection of cheaper tuners.

In advance I appreciate your input and thank you for your time.