First tuner? Description inside. Help would be fantastic.

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First tuner? Description inside. Help would be fantastic.

Colton Alexander Bailey Colton Alexander Bailey
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/07/13
03:59 AM

Hey everyone! My name is Colton, I'm 19, and I live in cold a** West Virginia. I'm trying to find a car to buy, love, and modify. I'm new to the forums but I've been reading some posts to see what you guys drive and it's just made me even hungrier for the perfect car. If you all could post a comment on a suggestion for what car I should start with, it'd be really cool of ya!

Budget is $2000-$4000. Car only. Doing mods as I go.
AWD is preferred but not all I'm looking for. No RWD.
4 door preferred but as long as it seats 4, it's fine.
Something with a decent amount of aftermarket parts easily obtainable.
Nice headlights (I'm so picky I know, haha)
I don't mind taking care of the car, but I want something that's very reliable as long as I treat her right.
Newer than 1994.
At least, or around 200hp. Or a ton of torque.
Stock turbo is fantastic, but I'd consider something that's swappable.
Something that's aestheticically appeasing. I like the looks of hatches, 325i's, 3000gt's, and etc.
Japanese is cool but I like VW, Volvo, BMW, and Euros in general as well.

I know I listed a bunch of stuff to go by, but hopefully one of you mentions a vehicle that clicks with me. I've been thinking along the lines of 98 eclipse gsx, 3000gt, 98 civic hatch, celiac gt, etc.

Thanks everyone!  

Nissan Skyline R34 Nissan Skyline R34
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Posted: 01/31/14
12:45 AM

I own a 1991 3000GT and I love it (it was my first car) but they're not the easiest or cheapest cars to work on or fix but they are very fast. If it's your first car and you like the look of hatchbacks, maybe a Honda Civic hatch or like you mentioned an Eclipse or Celica GT. If you find a 3000GT you like make sure there isn't electrical problems with it and that the owner took care of it, the last thing you wanna do is spend whatever money you have left on repairing it.

There's is also the Toyota MR2, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7, Toyota Corollas from the 80's.

I also have a group on Facebook for Tuner cars that I just started, if you or anybody else want to join here's the link.