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Mitsubishi Eclipse?

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Mitsubishi Eclipse?

corners182 corners182
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 10/05
Posted: 12/18/05
11:43 PM

Hey everyone.

My very first car is starting off as a Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995. And since Im wondering since its a Front Wheel Drive Vechile what type of modifications should I do to allow my car to perform some hard core Drifting?   Confused  

User | Posts: 188 | Joined: 03/04
Posted: 12/19/05
12:29 AM

Good god sir. We need an FAQ.

I take it it's not turbo?

Drifting is gay. FWD cars don't drift anyhow.  

corners182 corners182
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 10/05
Posted: 12/19/05
12:34 AM



That sucks....i thought there were special parts or something you could use to make'em.

okay thanks anyway  

cj1977 cj1977
Guru | Posts: 750 | Joined: 10/04
Posted: 12/19/05
12:36 AM

In theory, drifting for FWD does not work out but the theory for drifting in RWD could be reversed to work on FWD vehicles.  Is your Eclipse AWD at least?  

corners182 corners182
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 10/05
Posted: 12/19/05
12:39 AM


no..its a FF.


does that mean it cant drift?  

2GNTEclipse 2GNTEclipse
Guru | Posts: 1007 | Joined: 11/99
Posted: 12/19/05
11:25 AM

Cars utilizing a FF setup cannot drift. Powerslide may be as close to "drifting" as you'll get, but you'll wear out your e-brake doing so. To increase your rotational ability, I'd suggest a set of stiffer sway bars for both front and back. It'll increase your overall performance in cornering by keeping the car more flat and, as a side bit, cut back some of the understeer and allow the back end to step out a little bit.

I had a heavily modified Eclipse GS (hence my name), so I know what can be done.  
Speed and power are a mix of mostly three factors: money, motivation, and time. How fast do you want to go and how broke do you want to be when you get there?

self self
New User | Posts: 28 | Joined: 11/05
Posted: 12/19/05
11:59 AM

Drifting in a FF is really hard.  its more like tail dragging, that's what they told me.  i get going kinda fast adn then yank the E-Brake and lock the back tires.  this is extremly bad for your tires thought.  it causes flat spots on your tires adn will eventually pop then.  i had a friend pull the E-brake at 70 and his tires went adn he ground alot of his rims off.  he's an idiot!  don't just pull your E-brake thought hold the button on the end to release it so you can have the brake when you want it and you can release it really easy.  

s s
Enthusiast | Posts: 575 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 12/19/05
09:35 PM

AH, i Have a solution. Go to McDonalds. Get 2 plastic trays. Drive your rear tires over these and pull the ebrake. Now start driving around and taking corners and stuff, youll get the back end to slide out far and wide.

Seriously, why would you want to get into drifting? For one thing, its all about losing traction. you can total your car drifting easier, like getting in too over your head, and giving it too much throttle will cause you to lose complete control and go off the road. I broke a rear differential drifting and it wound up costing me 600 dollars.

Now if you get into straightline speed, unless ur running 10's or 11's, you dont really run into the problem of possibly totaling or hurting your car from dragging. You might burn through your clutch if its stock, but thats it, unless u pick a car not meant to drag race and it has weak components(I can aid you in that decision). A car that is faster, is always cooler than a car that can drift well.

Cars setup for drift, dont hookup on the drag strip because there not setup for it. to me its kinda lame, i got all the drifting out of me in the miata.

You should get an Eclipse GSX, put 2-3 grand into it, run 12's and smoke 92 Dodge Vipers.  

corners182 corners182
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 10/05
Posted: 12/20/05
02:15 AM

thanks everyone for the valuable info.

itll come in handy when i make my decision.

thanks.  Grin